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The France Joint Automotive division has become an economic and technical model, making it an excellent advisor to its customers, tier-1 and 2 manufacturers, accompanying them right up to the realization of large series of automotive sealsO'rings, oil seals, cassette seals, crankshaft seals, camshaft seals, valve stem seals, transmission seals, suspension seals, shock absorber seals, steering seals, engine seals, bellows, bonded seals, v'rings and precision molded parts 


In order to meet its customers’ needs in a proactive manner, France Joint stands out with its latest technological progress of its Automotive sealing solutions:

  • Highest chemical compatibility
  • Superior resistance to aggressive fluids such as fuels, refrigerants, greases and oils
  • Tested thermal stability
  • Adaptability with important rotations, High mechanical properties
  • Minimized low friction options
  • Automotive approved materials


Guarantor of the product preservation for a personalized and totally secured delivery, the France Joint logistics divisiongives excellent reactivity as regards delivery, secures your packaging (C13, C40 …), customizes markings and identifications (Galia, …) according to your requirements.



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